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I spent the weekend diligently giving kittens away. It was very hard; I've never let myself get so attached to a litter of kittens before. But they turned 7 weeks old on Sunday and life in my two-bedroom apartment has been chaos for a couple of weeks now. It was also difficult to keep up with the litterbox scooping and just did not smell pleasant in here!

Thank goodness for community Facebook groups as this meant all I had to do was post pictures and people started calling me. Bruce Wayne, Vicki Vale, and Poison Ivy have all been re-homed with people who already have an older cat and wanted a younger companion cat. I will be keeping Commissioner Gorden as he's kind of mean and will deliberately bite and scratch. I have a policy of keeping the problem children and dealing with their behaviors myself. I'll also keep Alfred Pennyworth as he's a little cuddle bug and I can't find it in my heart to part with him.

As I stated in a previous post, the mother has markings that make it look like she's wearing a mask. I dubbed her Selina Kyle and decided to stay with the Batman theme when the kittens were born.

Selina Kyle aka Catwoman - Mother (I'm keeping)

Bruce Wayne - aka Batman (given away on April 8, 2018)

Vicki Vale - journalist (given away on April 7, 2018)

Commissioner Gordon - Gothom police commissioner (I'm keeping)

Alfred Pennyworth - Batman's butler (I'm keeping)

Poison Ivy - supervillain, though she does NOT live up to that name (given away on April 9, 2018)

Now that I'm down to just mom and the two boys, there's a lot more peace in the apartment!

It has been 2 months now since I lost my beloved fur-child, Saidi. In thinking about the coming year, and a trip my brother and I have planned for South America in the fall, I decided I was not going to try and adopt another cat until after we come home from S.Am. Then I made the mistake of adding a caveat, "Unless God decides to drop a cat in my lap."

Three days later, He did just that. A 2nd floor neighbor called me that Thursday evening to see if they could borrow my pet taxi. I was concerned and asked if one of their cats was sick. No, a stray cat had followed them in to the building while they were bringing in their groceries. They were going to keep her in the pet taxi overnight and decide what to do with her in the morning. So I took my carrier downstairs to find a skinny calico cat which appeared to be not yet a year old and pregnant. They had given her a bowl of food outside their door and she was eating like she expected it to be her last meal ever.

I watched her gobbling food like crazy and thought about the litterboxes still sitting out and my cupboard still full of cat food. I told the neighbors that this poor cat didn't deserve to be locked in a pet taxi overnight and that I would take her upstairs with me. They expressed their concerns that it was so soon after losing Saidi, but I told them I would be alright. A few days later, a ground floor neighbor informed me that she had been feeding this cat outside her patio door for three months, essentially since Halloween. What kind of a**hole abandons a cat in North Dakota in winter???

Her calico markings make her look like she's wearing a mask, so I dubbed her Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. One month ago she had five kittens which I named after other Batman characters: Bruce Wayne, Vicki Vale, Commissioner Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, and Poison Ivy. The kittens are now just over a month old and Selina is weaning them. They are all eating at least some solid food every day, and everyone is showing excellent litterbox behavior. There have been no accidents on the carpet so far.

The two girls, Vicki and Ivy, are aleady spoken for. I've decided I'll keep one of the boys to be a companion for Selina. I don't know which one yet; it will be whichever is the last to be adopted, I guess. I'd kind of like to keep Gordon simply for the amusement of telling the vet that I'm bringing in Commissioner Gordon. :)

Today I had to put Saidi, my LJ avatar, to sleep. She became very uncomfortable over the weekend and was struggling to breathe. The vet found fluid on her lungs and, when tested, had abnomal cells indicating cancer. I made that hard decision none of us ever wants to make.

Saidi, who is my LJ avatar, has gone blind. It happened quite suddenly this month. I noticed something odd about her left eye on December 5 and figured out that her pupil was wide open and not reacting to the light. A vet visit provided no answers, but $50 in eye drops. I was almost completely unsuccessful in getting any of it into her eye. I think I ended up wearing nearly all of it.

The next Sunday I saw that both of her pupils were completely dilated and not reacting to light. Another vet visit and another $25 bottle of eye drops for the left eye. (The two eyes seem to have different problems.) I finally called on my older brother for help. Thank goodness we both live in the same apartment building. He comes upstairs mornings and evening wearing his heavy winter coat and gloves to hold her while I put the eye drops in. She now hates him!

Sadly, she seems to have almost no vision now. She has started bumping into things the last few days as she makes her way around the apartment.

Last week she spent most of her time hiding under the bed, probably wondering what happened to her world. On Saturday I worked with her on proving that her world is still safe. I brought her out from the bedroom and did all of her favorite things: cuddles in the office chair, combing on the couch, treats in the kitchen. This proved successful as on Sunday she did not retreat to the bedroom but got up on the couch with me, all on her own, to sleep in my lap. She's slowly learning that, even though she can't see much of anything anymore, her life doesn't have to change because of it.

The vet wants to refer Saidi to an opthamologist, but the closest ones are 600 miles away in any direction. The blood tests that the vet here was able to do cannot explain her blindness. They say that rules out the more benign causes and leaves the bad things like ocular cancer which they cannot diagnose. I think I'll ask them to refer me to the vet in Minneapolis so that I can also visit my younger brother while I'm there.

I've only just found out that there will be a total solar eclipse over North America on August 21. Where have I been?

Being in North Dakota, I'm only going to see about a 90% eclipse. I wonder if I can get away with calling in sick that day so I can drive down to the South Dakota/Nebraska border where it'll be nearly 100%? Why can't these things ever happen on the weekend?

Towards the end of June I decided to try Atkins. The thing that grabbed me was that it's supposed to relieve a lot of the same symptoms hypothyroidism causes. I definitely need that since I'm still making mistakes at work, but my doctor won't increase my meds any further at this time.

The pounds should be melting off, but more importantly, I should have boundless energy, and my mind should be crystal clear and sharp as a tack. Nope, none of that.

Well, I have lost about 15 pounds in the last 8 wks so I guess that's pretty good. On Weight Watchers, that took me 15 weeks to accomplish. But I'm now approaching the point I was when WW stopped working, so I'm not going to be getting excited until I break that barrier and keep going.

I stayed on WW for another year and never lost another ounce. After a year and a bit, I started gaining again while still following WW. Hypothyroidism is hell!

And I miss my bread and milk and sweets. I do NOT feel like I'm "eating like a king".

I've gone through and deleted all the entries, but there were a couple that I forgot to click on Remove from Friends page.

My password is now changed and hopefully I don't get hacked again.

Since the install last night, things seem to be easier to see and read. I hadn't quite been able to figure out why. I thought perhaps the default setting for monitor brightness is higher than Windows 7 was. But, no, I think it's more than that.

Windows 7 program windows have a bit of a see-through effect around the edges. Windows 10 has solid, opaque program windows. Also, 10 has sharp, 90 degree corners instead of the rounded-off bubbly look that appeared with XP.

So, 10 has taken the internet back to a sleek and professional (and adult) look instead of the safety-corners, preschool toy look.


My Windows 10 upgrade was ready for install last night. I cringed as I clicked Yes, wonder what kind of nightmare I was getting myself in to. My laptop is Windows 7 and comfortably enough like XP. My sister recently bought a laptop that is Windows 8 and it is a horror!

After the install, things still look very familiar. The Start menu looks like apps, but I'm wondering if I can change a setting to have a Classic Windows look. I'll have to do some clicking around.

The only thing I'm not happy with (but I can live with) is I've lost my "tap to click" function on my mouse touchpad. After some online research, it seems i will need to update my mouse drivers. But turns out HP has not yet created the drivers I need! I've tried to find a customer service page or forum that allows for interactivity, but no luck so far. I just want to let them know to send down new drivers ASAP.

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