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Towards the end of June I decided to try Atkins. The thing that grabbed me was that it's supposed to relieve a lot of the same symptoms hypothyroidism causes. I definitely need that since I'm still making mistakes at work, but my doctor won't increase my meds any further at this time.

The pounds should be melting off, but more importantly, I should have boundless energy, and my mind should be crystal clear and sharp as a tack. Nope, none of that.

Well, I have lost about 15 pounds in the last 8 wks so I guess that's pretty good. On Weight Watchers, that took me 15 weeks to accomplish. But I'm now approaching the point I was when WW stopped working, so I'm not going to be getting excited until I break that barrier and keep going.

I stayed on WW for another year and never lost another ounce. After a year and a bit, I started gaining again while still following WW. Hypothyroidism is hell!

And I miss my bread and milk and sweets. I do NOT feel like I'm "eating like a king".

I've gone through and deleted all the entries, but there were a couple that I forgot to click on Remove from Friends page.

My password is now changed and hopefully I don't get hacked again.

Since the install last night, things seem to be easier to see and read. I hadn't quite been able to figure out why. I thought perhaps the default setting for monitor brightness is higher than Windows 7 was. But, no, I think it's more than that.

Windows 7 program windows have a bit of a see-through effect around the edges. Windows 10 has solid, opaque program windows. Also, 10 has sharp, 90 degree corners instead of the rounded-off bubbly look that appeared with XP.

So, 10 has taken the internet back to a sleek and professional (and adult) look instead of the safety-corners, preschool toy look.


My Windows 10 upgrade was ready for install last night. I cringed as I clicked Yes, wonder what kind of nightmare I was getting myself in to. My laptop is Windows 7 and comfortably enough like XP. My sister recently bought a laptop that is Windows 8 and it is a horror!

After the install, things still look very familiar. The Start menu looks like apps, but I'm wondering if I can change a setting to have a Classic Windows look. I'll have to do some clicking around.

The only thing I'm not happy with (but I can live with) is I've lost my "tap to click" function on my mouse touchpad. After some online research, it seems i will need to update my mouse drivers. But turns out HP has not yet created the drivers I need! I've tried to find a customer service page or forum that allows for interactivity, but no luck so far. I just want to let them know to send down new drivers ASAP.

This morning I attempted to snag a spot to watch the parade. Only a couple of years ago, one could go downtown about an hour before the parade was to begin and find a good spot along Main street. Now, with the oil boom, there are 1000's more people living here. It appears one must go downtown at 5:00 AM and set up 20 patio chairs along an entire block. Then one can go back home and go back to bed, secure in knowing they have been patriotic in hogging more space than the family needs.

My car was nearly hit 3 times, once was a police car! I also nearly hit 2 kids who were not being monitored by their parents and who darted out into traffic right in front of me. And the bitch had the nerve to give ME the stink-eye after I came to a screeching halt 2 feet from her brats.

So I said fuck the parade and came home where the air conditioner was on and it didn't feel like the 7th level of hell. 75 deg F should not feel that miserably hot.

And tonight I am skipping the fireworks. They don't start for another hour and I'm just too tired to go fight the mobs again for a viewing spot. I'm really hating people today.

Happy Independence Day

You know those lead crystal wine goblets with the gold trim that you've never really used? Make one your water glass for work. Drink red kool-aid. Cackle quietly to yourself.

A week ago Friday, local authorities spent all day exhuming a skeleton from a construction site.

Things like this may be common in other parts of the world, but this just doesn't happen in North Dakota.

I immediately thought of a man named Eric Haider. Three years ago he disappeared from a construction site very close to where this skeleton was found. As days passed and he wasn't found, it was speculated that he deliberately walked away from his life because of debts. But then the possessions he'd left at the job site were turned in by his boss and his uncashed paycheck was in his lunch box. I don't know about anybody else, but if I was going to start a new life, I'd have cashed that check.

A friend of mine was working near the construction site that day and said there had been a lot of dirt being moved and a lot of back-filling going on . She speculated he was buried somewhere on the site. Nearly a year later, there was an interview with Eric's friend who said similar things. He believed Eric was killed by accident and inadvertantly buried.

At the end of the day on Friday, police released information that the skeleton was found in an upright, crouched position near some underground utility pipes. To me, that meant the person had been buried alive. If they were already dead when the earth came down on them, the skeleton would have been found lying down. Eric worked for a heating and plumbing company so it would make sense he was down in a hole somewhere, checking the pipes. Nobody checked to make sure nobody was in the hole and just filled it in.

This last Friday, the skeleton was positively indentified as Eric Haider.

I don't often have this opinion, but in this case, I really hope his family sues!

A few years ago, I read a book that had such a disappointing ending that I still dwell on it to this day. I don't remember the title or author, but I suppose I shouldn't note that anyway, in a post that's going to be so negative.

It was a story about an alien race invading the Earth with the purpose of subjugating the population and setting up their own colony. The aliens were a bi-pedal dog-like species. It started out very interesting with the dog-aliens being confused by humanity; we didn't have a pack mentality like they did, or a herd mentality like most of the other planets they'd colonized. So they struggled with us but their technology was beating us down.

In the end, vampires saved us. Yes, vampires. I was so digusted by this. About 1/2 way through the book I couldn't help but think, dogs... rabies... and kept expecting some of the human resistance fighters to start lobbing rabid skunks into the alien troop vehicles. Because, dogs... skunks! And since they are aliens, the rabies virus would mutate and become airborn, but only be contractable by the aliens. And then they'd die in droves and flee the planet, carrying the virus home with them.

But, no. Vampires.

There are good ways to blend science fiction and fantasy. This was not one of them.

The unfortunate nature of my job is that I can't be dedicated to just one account. Nobody wants to pay the full salery for a dedicated international agent these days. So I have to work multiple accounts unless I'm willing to also take domestic calls. Well, I'm just too good for domestic. ;)

On one account, I am just one of the back-up agents for the dedicated agent. I only work the account when the dedicated agent is on vacation or sick, and I only handle the international situations. I work on this account perhaps as much as 20 days per year. The account is primarily email based and I have never taken a phone call from them.

This account suddenly took it into their heads that I needed to drive 300 miles across North Dakota and come sit with their dedicated agent and learn how she manages the email inbox. Really? I was supposed to drive 5 hours one way to watch someone answer emails? Why couldn't we just set up a screen sharing so I could watch her from the comfort of my own office? That would take only 20 minutes.

But no, they insisted I had to come to their office. My supervisors tried everything they could to get me out of it, but no dice, I HAD to be there, and they were even willing to pay for me to fly.

Flying from one end of North Dakota to the other is actually worse than driving because there actually are no flights. I would have to fly down to Denver and back up, or overshoot to Minneapolis and double back. It would take more time to fly than to drive. So I took the lesser of two evils and said I'd get the rental car and drive.

Suddenly today they have changed their minds and I am no longer being required to come visit their office. I have no idea what changed, but I am NOT arguing. I suppose somebody finally clued in to what a stupid thing they were asking me to do.

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